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Devon 2011

Steve Morgan and his Laverda

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35th Anniversary Reunion - Devon 2011

Reunion weekend is 29,30 and 31st July.

Likely watering holes are the usual, The Cricket, (Beesands), The Tradesmans Arms (Stokenham), The Open Arms (Chillington) and The Start Bay Inn (Torcross)

Tell me if you are going

Those thought to be going (and dates where known)

Blob and Paul, Cheryl and Sam who live in Devon
Philip 30th July to 4th August staying at Waterside (Paul's)
Beaver and Charmaine 28th July  2nd August staying at Waterside (Paul's)
Steve Morgan 28th Aug to 2nd August, staying at Waterside (Paul's)
Bryn and Tina 29th Aug to? staying locally

Dave Mort and Martin, coming by bikes and camping at Dick Rogers's field
(there must be a better way to phrase that!)
Mick Benner
Maurice Benner
Matt (Micks son)
Alan (Mick's mate) coming on a Triumph
Pete Thompson (Popeye)
Mandy and her new bloke John
Cyril, Maggie, Lisa (Cyril and Maggie's daughter)
Con and wife Carol
Liz and Wayne (Bristol)
Ruth and Barry, now living in Devon and will be around over the weekend
Carrie Anne (Liz and Wayne's daughter Bristol)

Probable's are

Pippin and Lily (assuming he can re-jig work arrangements)
Polly (assuming the same)
Mike Snary (once he knows its happening) and Jan if well enough and daughter
Pete Benner, Yvie and Chris

Possibilities are

Ratty and Simon George
Tim (mine and blobs mate)
Grum and nephew Elliott (ditto)

Gil (Paul's mate from Devon who came last time)
Bob Dairy (Dave Mort in contact)

If you can think of any one to invite please do.

Currently Paul is working on arrangements for the Saturday evening "do"


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