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Blob's Oafeways Collection <<<<<Read this- such a laugh



See pictures from Mandy


Mandy Bell





Associate Member


I lived in the heyday of the club in Reading


I now live in Liverpool


Was married to Dougie for 7 years, no children but a naughty dog called Fern - now separated

Bike I would be remembered for

Horace the blue 550 Honda

Favourite Bike

Murgatroyd the BSA Bantam - never went anywhere without getting a flat battery

Worst Bike

Murgatroyd the BSA Bantam - never went anywhere without getting a flat battery

Transport today

Reduced to a car these days - red estate - good for putting the dog in and all the kit for the allotment

My memories of the club

Big fires camping at South Allington - (remember the chap from Manchester who carried a tree across the field) going to bed when it was light and others were just getting up.

Blob and Linney putting the tent poles together wrongly and not being able to get them apart again.

The barn dances, mainly Burkey and the midden!

Staying at Kates fathers cottage in Wales, with only two open fires.

The boat trip on the Thames in London at Christmas when Don had broken his foot.


Summary of my life to date

Too complicated (note from editor, I questioned this and Mandy answered as follows)

Yes I know it was a cop out and I expected to get a wrap on the knuckles, so accept it graciously!  I will put something in when I get more than five minutes to myself.

My hobbies today are

(Nothing quoted)

At my funeral please arrange to have the following played 

I'll have to come back to this as I haven't thought on it yet


Final comments

What a superb time in the summer (reunion 2006) - glad I made it, it's nice to be in contact again.

Quote from the film 'Tiger Bay' which I think reflects well what we experienced in July 'No matter where I am, I'll always be your friend'


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