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Mal Tibby.

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Pictured above on the right with Pippin left.



Mr Powder



Full Member


I lived in the heyday of the club in South Harrow


I now live in the Wirral, Merseyside


Married to Di for 20 years (19/8/1989), now divorced (7/9/2009)

Children are:

Stewart (dob 5/90)

Nicola (dob 10/93)

Darren (stepson?) (dob 11/85) 

Bike I would be remembered for  -

Harley Davidson Sportster. (Brother of Pippin, please note:)
Painted in Mother-of-pearl, not white! Bloody WHITE??? (That’s the second Harley I had, the WideGlide….)

Favourite bike? Worst bike?

Hmmm…. My bikes?….hmmm…. All of them!!! They all had good and bad points!  

Favourite borrowed bike, easy!!! Suzuki RV125! Reason? It was a lot of fun! Borrowed it from a friend for a fortnight, I smiled from ear to ear, what a laugh!!!  (if you can’t pictured RV125, see Robbie Williams ‘Angels’ Video. RW riding a RV125 on the beach with the helicopter flying overhead….)


What do I ride/drive now?

Passenger in a Ford Focus. I have passed a driving assessment with left-foot accelerate pedal and infra-red secondary wireless hand control. The reason for the infra-red hand control is my right arm is f**ked up so I drive with left hand only with a steering ball and infra-red keyboard. See and do the demo! Now I'm saving the pennies for the pedal and hand control... 10 years to go... lol!!!!

My memories of the club

My memories of the Freedom Riders are vast!

Two memories are:

Pippin and I, un-sober, 11.30 at night, riding his Ducati 450 over the cliff path from Beesands to Hallsands. Fuses blew several times, perhaps because we fell off several times…. I’ve never been so glad to reach the beach…..

My favourite memory is the first year I visited Devon. After the Cricket, in Beesands, had closed for the night, we went to Old Hallsands on the bikes. Rebel lit a flaming torch and we walked down to the ruins. Chilling in old ‘cottage’ (only one that had 4 walls, no roof, no windows, no door!). Beer in one hand, joint in the other, Paul’s cassette recorder playing God only knows what, seeing millions of stars overhead while listening to the sea crashing below….. God, I can still see and hear it now…..

Summary of my life to date

Brief resume of my life to date? Hmmm…. Born, married, two wonderful children, divorced. Heart attack one month before my 40th birthday in 2000, stroke December 2005. The stroke affected my right side, arm and leg, and the brain damage on the left side. In the beginning, in hospital, I could only say ‘yep’…. Drink? Yep. Tea or coffee or hot chocolate? Yep. Tea then? Yep… And that’s only the drinks, food is another story…..!! Now, my speech has improved lots, I have learnt to sign my ‘signature’ with my left hand (not my pre-stroke signature….), I walk about 1000 yards a day with no walking stick and improving every week...ish... lol

My hobbies today are

My hobbies today are:

Riding bikes! Rallies! Driving lorries! Watching QPR! Driving cars! Music!

2 of 6 will do.... Watching television of QPR and music! Oh well....

At my funeral please arrange to have the following played 

Three pieces of music at my funeral?

Pre-stroke is easy: Ian Hunter-The Outsider, Bon Jovi- It’s My Life and one of either: Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb or Guns’n’roses- Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door…..

But now, because I’ve been thinking about my life since the stroke, I’ve change all of them! But what? AC/DC- Ride On? Aerosmith- Livin’ On The Edge? Andrew WK- Party Hard? My Chemical Romance- I’m Not Okay (I Promise)? Ian Hunter- Junkman/Michael Picasso/Shades Off/Boy/Silver Needles/ Saturday Gigs/ Dead Man Walkin' or lots of Ian Hunter songs? Don Henley- The Boys Of Summer?  Roxette- Harleys & Indians? Thin Lizzy- The Boys Are Back In Town? Whitesnake-Here I Go Again? Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson- D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F? Monty Python- Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life/I'm So Worried? Etc, etc, etc….

Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

Right!!  First track I’d wish to have played is also the same tune that I had played at my mum’s funeral.

Enigma- Return to Innocence.

AC/DC- Ride On

Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb 

Bury or cremated? Cremated and have my ashes scattered on Old Hallsands (if possible).


Right! The end! I’ve finish! Pre-stroke, I would finished this for 1-2 days, maybe one week tops!! I’ve written for three months, brain damage allowed!! There’s only one question I want to ask: 

What’s your excuses……???


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