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Name:     Liz Gindell, was Liz Harris





Just a friend of the club


Held by Philip

I lived in the heyday of the club in Bristol


I now live in Bristol


Married to Wayne

Children Paul 1990
Carrieanne 1983

Bike I would be remembered for

None: pillion to Tony's BSA Barracuda

Triumph TA3 worst bike, hated it with a vengeance

Today I drive a Rover 400

My memories of the club

Long summer lunches out side the cricket drinking stupidly expensive cocktails. getting stoned.

Skinny dipping in the sea. Declaring Phil Roberts to be my brother till the end off time, and he was. Breaking down in Hallsands with Tina Nicky Paul and Carrieannecus the key had broken off in the ignition, and then driving home on the petrol cap key.

Camping in the orchard at South Allington with Tina Phil Nicky Bodger and Burky and so on and so on pigeon on the barby apples falling in the camp fire.

Kids making the best wasp traps in the world.

Summary of my life to date

Married Tony in July 1979

Divorced in 1994

2 chillblains Paul and Carrieanne

Married Wayne in August 1994, doing the norm work home drinking and just love being in the hub off being family

My hobbies today are

Being proud off my kids, not that they have aspired to much of importance, except that their mine and I love them.
Brandy holidays in Devon, brandy, meeting up with old mates, brandy, and just being me and doing whatever takes my fancy

At my funeral please arrange to have the following played 

Tom Petty I won't back down

Guns and Roses. Knocking on heavens door

Bon Jovi. Its my life



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