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Lee Elton





Associate Member


I lived in the heyday of the club in Hillingdon (On Hillingdon Hill)


I now live in Prestwood, Nr Gt Missenden.


I'm now divorced from Tracey (2013) and have 3 great, (although hugely expensive), kids

Bike I would be remembered for

Errrrr Honda 90...... No forget I wrote that. I had the big VW Mini Bus

Favourite Bike

Any one I could blag a ride on

Worst Bike

Any one I fell off!!

Transport today - Exercise Bike, (Occasionally), cause I need to!!

My memories of the club


Arriving at the campsite above Beesands and pitching tents & stuff amongst other campers.

Drifting down to the Cricket and loadsa Scrumpy.

Staggering back up the hill with plastic bottles of Scrumpy.

Bowling into Beavers tent with getto blaster wired to his car battery and Sabbath, (Loud).

Waking next morning, (well generally afternoon). Getting out of tent.

Noting all the other campers have gone...........Strange!

Summary of my life to date

Born, Grew up, became great.

Anticipate dying at some point.

My hobbies today are

Going to Quo Concerts, (Annual)

Being with family, (when they are not arguing).

Seeing me old mates, (not nearly often enough).

At my funeral please arrange to have the following played 

Jerusalem....ELP version

Stairway to Heaven.... Led Zeppelin

Master of the Universe...Hawkwind


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