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Name:     Stephen Cross





Associate Member


I lived in the heyday of the club in South Ruislip


I now live in Ickenham


Married Jane in 1984 (met her at The Cricket Inn, Beesands in 1981). Divorced 2009.
               Daughter Maryellen born in 1988.
               Son David born 1990.

Bike I would be remembered for

Riding pillion on Paul's !!!!

Giving lifts to FRMCC members whose bikes were off the road in a Red 1600GT Mk2 Cortina

Now in a Ford Focus

My memories of the club


Meeting in Cavalier Gardens in Hayes (where Polly and the Benner brothers lived).

Tuesday night meetings at the Peggy Bedford on the Bath Road.

Trips to The Avon Causeway Hotel in Dorset.

The 'many' trips to Beesands, Devon.

The 'Bottle of Bulldog' nights at The Plough, Harefield.

The 'Good Old Days' show at the Church Hall, Harefield at Christmas 1980.

Summary of my life to date

Still working in I.T within the Banking sector, which I have done since 1974.

I get down to Devon at least once a year still, even camped down there in 2003 and 2004.

My hobbies today are

Watching live Rock Music - managed to go to The Rayners in Rayners Lane (where else!) regularly.

(Actually The Rayners has now closed and the music moved to another venue locally promoted by Philip of the Freedom Riders) is the new place - run by Philip Duerden of...The Freedom Riders!!

At my funeral please arrange to have the following played

Jerusalem - William Blake

Spiral Architects - Black Sabbath

Can't really think of a third.....maybe something by The Portsmouth Symphonia!


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