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Alan Whiles




Full Member


I lived in the heyday of the club in Langley, Slough

I now live in Slough.


Two daughters with Lindsey b1983 Laurie b1986 Debi.
They moved with Lindsey to North Devon in 1987

I got married 1997 to Linda still married 2013

Bike I would be remembered for

Yam RD350 1974 UBH 13N if you could read it though the smoke behind

Favourite Bike

Between the RD350 my present bike ST1100 as favourite.

Worst Bike

Red Norton 750 fastback as worst.
Owned nearly 3 years and spent 30months off road-not aided by HGB or the hassles at NVT at the time

Transport Today (2013)

Honda ST1100 pan. Old mans bike that seems invisible to the police, thank god.
Have faired bike cos knees lock up in icy conditions now but I need to ride daily.
The adrenalin of filtering at 80plus on the motorway is better than caffeine

My memories of the club

Devon obviously. Dragging little Eddie out of the caravan clubhouse on a sat night with Rebel just as he started having a fit. Ride outs to coast always great. Parties at various houses Hayes, The Dingle Shack in Uxbridge and at my place Byron House Langley......More to follow.

My hobbies today are

London Pride and live music...... more to follow

At my funeral please arrange to have the following played 

The Laurel and Hardy theme.

To remind anyone who attends how sombre the event is. (pawl bearers to drop coffin half way into room dressed as L and H -which activates a recording from within the coffin of "that's another fine mess you've got me into Stanley")

 Next, a rousing version of Jerusalem- can't beat a bit of patriotism

And lastly, Always look on the bright side of life.


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