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Just a friend of the club


I lived in the heyday of the club in Hatch End near Pinner


I now live in Cambridge with Maria and my daughter Rebecca Georgina


I am very fortunate to live with Maria who tolerates all the bits of my bikes and other people's around the house and Rebecca likes to help when she can offering cleaning and painting support when needed.

Bike I would be remembered for: -

My 1939 BSA M20 with the backfiring exhaust and no suspension. My 1966 BSA A65 Spitfire with sidecar in the early days.

Favourite :

BSA - I have had so many. Probably the M20 most of all.

Worst :

My short-lived Ducati ST2. No Charisma or personality. Fast, boring and bland.

Royal Enfield 250 Clipper - overtaken by everything on George the Fifth Ave. Hopeless!

Transport today

My trusty M20, a plunger B31, my A65 which I have owned on and off since the early days. I have bought it back twice!

Just lately I have bought a rigid long-stroking and thumping Panther M100 which is as close I will ever want to be to owning a Harley!

My memories of the club

Arriving in Beesands on my BSA M20 after riding down from Cambridge. Very satisfying.

Being towed off the M4 by Andy on his Ducati 750 at unreasonable speed after seizing the A65 Combo on the way to Heston Services after the Peggy 'B' had closed.

Bouncing off the hedges on both sides of the road on my BSA M20 a little worse for wear, with Jamie hanging on for dear life on pillion.

Counting glow worms in the hedgerow.


Sharing Carrianne's 'special cakes'  with Dave, Lizzie and Wayne.

Tearing down the Slapton straight at near 100mph on my A65 and being passed by Andy on his Ducati at The Tower turn off.

Summary of my life to date

You must be joking!

My hobbies today are

We have an old Wolseley 1500 which we now use to take the family off to Devon each year.
My solo rides to Devon have finally given in to family life.

At my funeral please arrange to have the following played 

Dreams-Allman Brother's Band

The End-The Doors

BSA Steve Gibbons Band


Final Comments

See you in Devon.

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