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Devon 2016


Devon 2011

Steve Morgan and his Laverda

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Blob's Oafeways Collection <<<<<Read this- such a laugh



Pictures below have come from Pete and Yve Benner

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Andy Richard Mick Aug 79 Andy's Duke and Pete's Yam 750 Aug 79

       Andy's Duke Aug 79

Aussie Andover Spring 78 (It should be noted that Aussie has now sadly died) Easter 79 Southern Crusader Rally - Malcolm Pete & Jonathan          Hallsands Aug 79
Jonathan and Geoff on Pete's Yam 750 Easter 79 Devon Jonathan Southern Crusader Rally 79 Mick 250 Harley 250 Honda Andover Spring 78
Mick lifting chair Summer 76 Mick Pete Mo Yve and Polly Summer 76          Micky's A50 78
Mo Geoff and Happy (Graham) Summer 76 Mo BSA 650 Summer 76 Mo Pete Yve Mick Steve and Polly Summer 76
Mo's Harley 82 Mo's Norton & Yvey's Jawa 78      Mo's Norton Commando 78
Pete & Yve 76 Pete (Emintrude) Summer 76       Pete and Yam 750 79
Pete on BSA 250 (Ermintrude) Summer 76 Pete's Guzzi 500 1982       Pete's Yam 750 79
Polly and Pete Summer 76 Polly Steve Mick Pete Mo Summer 76           Paul and Polly
Richard 79 Roy's Harley 78        Slapton Sands Aug 79
Steve Polly Mick Pete Mo and Yve Summer 76 Sue Polly & Malcolm on way back from Devon 79 Yve & Malcom Southern Crusader 79
Bent 250 Honda 78 Andy (Pippin) drying sleeping bag Devon Aug Bank Holiday 79       Yve Andover Spring 78
Yve & Pete's Yam 750 79    
The Next Generation The next generation playing        Back to Devon reunion 2006


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