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Pictures below have come from Malcolm

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'72 Harley-Davidson Sportster (c.1980) '72 Sportster arrived at Beesands '72 Sportster with Mother-of-pearl paint Martin posing by Sportster
Snow on my CB750 & Little Pete's CX500 Custom (c.1986-7) Hmmm... bent forks Yep... bent forks... and... broken arm... oh bother...
'80 Black WideGlide (c.1989) '80 WideGlide in the dinning room Harley rally at Littlecote House, 1-2 Oct 1988
Willy G Davidson at Harley Rally at Littlecote House
Black '72 Bel Air and White '77 Caprice Classic (c.1988) '72 Bel Air (staight 6) and  '77 Caprice Classic (V8) Chevrolet Caprice Classic repainted light blue Caprice repainted Royal Blue and '80 WideGlide
WideGlide engine '80 WideGlide repainted in white (RH) '80 WideGlide repainted in white (LH) Me c.1988
Darren's first Harley... Not... Stewart and me 1990 Nicola and me 1993 Family group 1993
My Yamaha XVS650 Dragstar MCN models on my  Dragstar Terry (VSOC rep.) and MCN models Washing my Dragstar XVS650
Darren and his XV535 Virago Darren's XV535 tank Darren's tank on back page of a Dutch magazine Darren's Virago and my Dragstar
Di and Darren with his prize Darren riding his raffle prize Stewart, Grandad & Nicola Nicola and Stewart Sept '05
Two burgers... Me and QPR card in hospital My first wheelchair (c.2006) Nice basket... Hmmm...
Standing on my 'running twig'... My beard Stewart, Darren, Paul, Nicola and me '05 Freedom Riders T-Shirt

Man at C & A

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