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Pictures below have come from Stephen (Beaver)

'Beaver with Pete Thompson (Popeye) singing 'Leaning On A Lamp Post' at The Good Old Days show in Harefield - Christmas 1980

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Campsite at South Allington, Devon - Summer 1981 Steve Morgan, Dave, Mike Snarey, Polly and Pippin outside The Cricket Inn, Beesands - 2001 Frank's first chop - 1980 ish Gazette article for 30th reunion

Pippin's 'own built' chop - 1979 Group outside The Cricket Inn, Beesands - 1980 Beesands Sea Defences - 1976 Pete Thompson (Popeye), Nicky, Mac, Paul, Little Pete and Frank at The Millbrook Inn, South Pool - 1981

Pippin, Paul and Polly outside The Cricket Inn, Beesands - 1980 Aussie, Pete Thompson, Gervaise, Robin Hood, Colin Starr, Jo and Rachel (from East Prawle) and Mick at 'Bottle of Bulldog' night at The Plough, Harefield - 1982. Group outside The Avon Causeway Hotel, Dorset - 1978 Pippin, Malcolm and Pete Thompson at All Night Party in Bayhurst Woods, Ruislip - 1982

Pete Thompson, Nicky, Blob and Beaver at The Chimney Rally, Bedford - 1981. Noakes, Gervaise, Phil, Nicky, Pete Thompson, Pippin and Colin Starr in 'Room 5' at The Avon Causeway Hotel, Dorset - 1980 ish. Beaver, Paul, Blob, Nicky, Mick, Pippin, Little Pete and Pete Thompson singing 'Ovaltinies - different version' at The Good Old Days show at The Church Hall, Harefield - Christmas 1980 Pippin dancing with a 'pensioner' at a charity disco at Ruislip Fire Station - 1981 ish

Diane (local), Aussie, Bet, Tina, Liz, Steve Morgan, Beaver, Paul, Sam (Paul's son) and Dave outside The Cricket Inn, Beesands - 2002. (Since this picture was taken Aussie has sadly died) Paul and his 'concubine' outside The Ferry Inn, Salcombe - 1982 Beaver and Kevin Starr at 'Bottle of Bulldog' night at The Plough, Harefield - 1982 Mo and Mick inside Tippee at The Chimney Rally, Bedford - 1981

Martin's 1938 BSA Malcolm's Harley Pippin's Ducati (in his front room)! Pippin's BSA Chop

Polly's Harley Frank's BSA Chop Paul's Yam Smokie's Harley

Pippin, Paul, Dave and Blob at The Pigs Nose, East Prawle after Wishbone Ash gig in 2002 Pippin's Ducati Blob (under mattress) Robin Hood and Paul at The Avon Causeway Dave, Steve, Paul, Wayne, Martin, Malcolm and Liz......Liz's kids sitting on the wall, Beesands 2000

Beaver and Steve, also taken after Wishbone Ash gig, but in 2001 Paul, Robin Hood and Frank with 'off sales' at The Plough, Harefield - 1981ish Scrumpy, The Cricket Inn cat - 1981ish Polly, Paul, Little Pete, Gale and Frank at Gnasher Rally, Bedford - 1980

Pete Thompson's Harley Caroline, Blob, Jane, Nig and Paul at Buckfast Abbey - 1982 Gervaise waiting 'eagerly' for a girl to write down her address for him! - 1981 Blob in a dress at Pippin's house in Harefield - 1980

Paul and Polly at The Plough, Harefield - 1981ish Beaver and Con at East Prawle Fete - 1980 Paul and Yve at Burnham Beeches - 1976 Jo (or is it Rachel!), Nicky and Little Pete with Duck!...and Haiden in background at The Cricket Inn, Beesands - 1981

Paul, Gale, Pippin, Mick, Little Pete and Julie (Chronic) on way back from Gnasher Rally, Bedford - 1980 Beaver and Mick by Pippin's Tippee at South Allington - 1981 Annie and Lou at South Allington Fete - 1981 Beaver, Jane, Mandy and Paul outside The Ferry Inn, Salcombe - 1982

Paul (Brian Less) on Uni-cycle outside The Cricket Inn, Beesands - 1981 Beaver and Geoff Dunn (Deaf), Salcombe - 1977 Group at Mattiscombe, Devon - 1981 Robin Hood, Beaver, Paul, Julie, Nig, Colin Peters (Brother of Pippin), Dee and Pippin outside South Sands Hotel, Devon - 1982 (....and who is that in the red hat?)
John Phelan and Phil Chudleigh's Harleys Group photo outside The Cricket with Cyril & Margaret at 1995 re-union    

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