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Blob's Oafeways Collection <<<<<Read this- such a laugh



Pictures below have come from Mo Benner

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Summer of 1976 - HOT! Andy's 750 Duke' Andy's Chop Con, stuffing his face (no change there then)
Con - broken Duke' about to be towed from Wales by a Norton Everyone How many? Mandy
Micky Micky's Combo Mo, Aussie, Micky etc. Mo, Aussie's Nortons
Mo's Norton Alan Andy just can't handle any more John's Trident
Liz and bike Micky on bike, Mat on beer, two at a time Pete, Little Pete, Yve and Big Pete Present (2006) bike and boat
We have had a bike change this year (2007). no more very fast 1200 Kwacker. Too uncomfortable for Lizzy. So we have bought a nice little 1250 Bandit instead. ABS and all. Very nice to ride, excellent handling.


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